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Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd.
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United Kingdom

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Name: Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd.
Registration Number: 06214425
VAT Number: 924925016


Ann Washbourne

"I am a light sleeper at the best of times, so when my boyfriend proposed to me I was delighted, but also worried, as I already knew about his snoring.

It turned out that he already knew he had a problem and didn't want to spend married life sleeping in a separate room so he did his usual and researched every possible snoring solution.

After trying some of the nasal strips and sprays to no avail, he discovered the SnoreMender. To say it was dramatic is an understatement – with SnoreMender, no snoring and good sleep – without SnoreMender, sleeping on the couch.

We've been married several years now and he wears his SnoreMender every night and while it didn't make or break our marriage, it has certainly made it a whole lot more peaceful and enjoyable!"