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The SnoreMender 5 Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Stop snoring with the SnoreMender Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Quickly and Easily
Stop snoring with the SnoreMender Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

What Causes Snoring?

What Causes Snoring?   When you sleep, the throat muscles relax and the jaw and tongue fall back. This narrows the airway, so air has to be forced through the gap, making the soft tissues vibrate, causing snoring. Click for more...

How Does The SnoreMender Stop Snoring?   The SnoreMender is worn at night, like a small flexible gumshield, holding the lower jaw slightly forwards. This opens up the airway, allowing easier breathing, to stop snoring immediately. Click for more...

Don't waste your money on strips, sprays, clips and gadgets - orthodontists say the only clinically proven snoring cures are surgery, weight loss, CPAP machines or a jaw advancement mouthpiece such as the SnoreMender.

Micro-Adjustable Strength Setting

The SnoreMender Snoring Solution

The re‑designed adjuster in the SnoreMender‑5 gives a greater range of jaw advancement than all previous SnoreMenders.

The built‑in strength adjuster mechanism gives 8 different strength settings in 1-2mm increments.

Change it as often as you like - start with a lower strength and gradually increase it until your snoring is under control.

Simple one‑piece mechanism - no bits to fall off in your mouth, no fiddly screws, clips or bands to adust - simply clip together at the strength you want.

SnoreMender Anti-Snoring Solution

No fitting needed – SnoreMender works 'out of the box' and requires no complicated pre-moulding or fitting.

Adjustable – SnoreMender can be adjusted to increase or decrease jaw advancement and to improve comfort if required.

Hinged design allows natural jaw movement – unlike other anti-snoring mouthpieces the SnoreMender allows lower jaw movement in all directions – vital for long term comfort and to avoid jaw ache.

Flexible frame – the flexible frame of the SnoreMender limits the pressure on the jaw joint, unlike mouthpieces with rigid frames that can exert too much pressure and cause excessive jaw aching.

Compact and flexible design – SnoreMender is much more comfortable and easier to use than typical bulky rigid mouthpieces.

Medical grade – SnoreMender is made of medical grade dental thermoplastic and contains no latex, silicone, phthalates or BPA. The SnoreMender is regulated by the FDA and meets stringent FDA requirements.

Easy to clean – SnoreMender is an elegant smoothly moulded shape – no fiddly parts to clean or nooks and crannies to trap germs..

Almost a million SnoreMenders sold worldwide – we are so confident in the SnoreMender we offer an industry leading 90 day money back guarantee!

Get the sleep you both deserve!


Stop snoring with the SnoreMender Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
Pressure Shift™ Technology
  • More Comfortable
  • More Compact
  • More Effective

  • The SnoreMender automatically moves pressure away from the small lower front teeth to larger stronger teeth, for greater comfort and effectiveness.

    • Blue: SnoreMender
    • Green: Front teeth, with little or no pressure.
    • Yellow: Near front teeth, with reduced pressure.
    • Purple: Stronger teeth, to take the main pressure.
  • The areas where the SnoreMender touches the teeth have been specially angled to move pressure away from the tips of the teeth to the base of the teeth for greater comfort and improved stability.

    • Blue: SnoreMender (upper and lower cross-sections)
    • Brown: Teeth.
    • Purple Arrows: Direction of pressure.
    • Pink: Gums.
  • Innovative technology, developed by and exclusive to SnoreMenders.
  • International patent application no. PCT/GB2013/051379 and GB patent application no. 1209406.6 pending.



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* SnoreMender® addresses simple snoring and some may still experience snoring due to other conditions.

FDA details: 510(k) number: K160531; OMB No. 0910-0120

Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dentist or physician.